Notes from the Manager – Going SLS-free

SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) is one of the chemicals I’m allergic to. SLS aggravates my dermatitis, causes the skin on my forehead and the back of my hands to become paper thing. SLS in toothpaste made my gums bleed and even worse, causes deep tissues in my tongue which would bleed so much the hand basin would turn red. This all started to happen when I was about 50, so you can imagine how I found it all a bit depressing! While studies have shown that SLS used in hand soaps does not cause any lasting irritation, the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health found the following: Dermal toxicity studies demonstrate that 24-hour exposure to a 1–2% (w/w) solution of SLS can increase the transepidermal water loss of the stratum corneum – the outer most layer of the skin – and cause mild yet reversible skin inflammation. Human patch tests (typically a 24-hour exposure) confirm that SLS concentrations >2% are considered irritating to normal skin. Dermal irritation also tends to increase with SLS concentration and the duration of direct contact. In reality, dermal exposure to SLS in cleaning products is more likely to last a matter of minutes rather than hours. But every person’s sensitivities are different, so if you have these problems then you should also try to avoid SLS in your cosmetics and soaps.  This is why when we saw the opportunity to use SLS-free aqueaous cream in our skincare range we went for it. This is my routine to avoid SLS use:

All our skincare range is SLS-free, but is just as effective as ever.

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