Pollenaze discontinued

As we have had to downsize our operations in the last few years we’ve found it increasingly difficult to make Pollenaze to the degree of quality we expect in our products. Pollenaze needs to be creamed which is a tricky process and something of an artform in itself, hard enough in a big factory let alone a wee family business. So with that in mind we have decided we will no longer make the Pollenaze. We are very sorry to disappoint those customers still buying it as we certainly thought long and hard before making this decision, however! All the same ingredients (with a few extra) are in our New Dawn health tonic which is still very much available. It’s a bit too runny to put on your toast but it’s lovely in porridge, a cup of hot water, tea, or even in a glass of cold soda water on a hot day.. or just by the spoonful!

It also tastes lovely, so if you’re missing your Pollenaze then we definitely recommend giving the New Dawn a try instead.