Allergy Health Advice

Here you’ll find all the allergy health advice you need related to our products. If you are allergic to or have experienced reactions from contact with aqueous cream, pollen, bees, bee by-products or even honey, please read the following information carefully.

Health Food Range

New Dawn Health Tonic

As this product contains honey and pollen it will be unsuitable for individuals sensitive to those products, it also contains small levels of propolis so caution should be taken when giving it to children between one and five. We suggest that if you feel the need to, then introduce New Dawn in small amounts with food, as you would with honey. It is not recommended that children under 1 year consume honey.

Organic Propolis

Individuals who are allergic to bees and bee by-products including honey and pollen may also be allergic to propolis so we recommend either avoiding the product completely or testing your reaction to it if safe to do so.

As there is insufficient research into the safety of propolis when used by those with pre-existing conditions that can be affected by allergens it should also be noted that it may worsen asthma in children and adults so caution should be taken if you wish to try this product.

We also recommend that Propolis not be given to infants and toddlers for the same reasons. Propolis is however safe for children from five years, but if your child’s doctor has prescribed medication already please check to ensure that propolis will not adversely affect it. If you are at all unsure about using this product consult your pharmacist or doctor.

Skin and Hair Care Range

The organic compounds extracted from the beehive for use in our skin cream range have not produced any adverse reactions in those people with pre-existing pollen, honey and bee by-product allergies and sensitivities, however if you would like to be certain of the suitability of these products we are more than happy to send you a small sample for patch testing.

All our creams use differing amounts of aqueous cream/and or emulsifying ointment as a base, therefore if you are allergic to this ingredient or fear your child may be, we encourage a patch test before use. Please check labels for specific ingredients as each cream contains varying organic oils which are used during processing and to increase the efficacy of the product.

As the Hair Treatment contains a very small amount of honey, those with a severe sensitivity to honey are not recommended to use this product, however if you would like a sample for patch testing we can arrange this upon request.