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At Davidson’s, we try not to let anything go to waste. So, once we extracted the nutrients we were looking for from our hives, we needed to find something useful for the remaining beeswax. This led, naturally, to the development of a growing range of beeswax products.

Davidson’s Beeswax Restorative is perfect for polishing your car’s exterior and interior, bringing up the lustre in woodwork, or maintaining and protecting leather, plastics, and vinyl. Our silicon-free restorative waterproofs, restores and polishes, while its subtle aroma of natural beeswax can mask unpleasant odours.

Our Range of Beeswax Products:

All-Purpose Beeswax Restorative
A blend of New Zealand Beeswax and sunflower oil to restore and protect wood, leather, vinyl and more.

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