Upcycling Jars – 4 Beautiful Ideas

As glass jars account for about half of our packaging I thought I would share some of my favourite ideas for upcycling jars of all kinds, they happen to all be as candle holders or vases but really can you have too much ambiance in your house? I think not, and once you see how easy these are you’ll just have to give some a go!


The Quick And Easy One

burlap jar

The simplest and just as effective as the rest, perfect for when someone gives you a bunch of flowers that don’t quite work in your current vase. Would also look fantastic with peonies, hydrangeas or other old favourites

You will need – some strips of burlap, mod podge, twine

Method – Simply cut out enough burlap to cover the jar, stick it to the jar with mod podge and tidy up the top edge by winding the twine around it




Idea care of  Too Much Time



 The Simple Stylish One


 Almost as simple and involves minimal paint work for a thoroughly stylish result

You will need – yarn, spray paint, ribbon

Method – Wrap yarn haphazardly but tightly around jar, spray with at least two coats of spray paint in white or pastel colours, when dry remove yarn and tie ribbon around neck of jar.



Idea care of Homesessive




 The Artistic One

stenciled jarLet your inner artist run free and add your own personal touches to this one

You will need – coloured paint in at least two colours, sandpaper, craft knife/scalpel, pencil, paper, dark wax (optional), ribbon

Method – Give your jar two coats of your primary colour, gently sand away some paint for a nice textured finish and if you want an old weathered look apply a little of the dark wax to the surface. On your paper draw out whatever design you would like stenciled on the surface in your contrasting colour/s, cut out with knife and hold against the jar while dabbing paint on with (preferably) a fine sponge (a paint brush will work but is slightly less defined). Tie ribbon around neck of jar once dried.



Idea care of Debbiedoo’s



 The Just Plain Gorgeous One

jarupcycle03By far my favourite and a little trickier but well worth the result, especially if you have some special printed napkins or have seen some around that you wish you had a use for.

You will need – Pretty napkins, mod podge, brush, twine, charms, wire

Method – Pull apart napkin to just one layer, start applying your mod podge in small sections and carefully line up and stick your napkin over the top, ensuring you don’t start at an angle to the jar or create any wrinkles. Keep applying mod podge in sections and repeat until jar is covered. Once finished add another layer of mod podge to the surface of the napkin, tear away excess at the top and glue any overlap underneath the jar. You can hang a charm or other bits of jewellery around the neck before winding around and securing twine to give it a really fancy finish.

 Idea care of Artsy VaVa




~Mrs B

Upcycled Hexagonal Honey Jar Spice Rack

If you love our hexagonal jars and don’t want to just throw them in the recycling bin then an upcycled spice rack is a fantastic way to make use of them.

Apart from being rather pretty, hexagonal jars can also be arranged together in a nice honeycomb pattern, and what better way to make use of this than as a spice rack, with all the different coloured spices filling up the jars it will not only organise your spices but brighten up the kitchen as well.

Luckily making the spice rack is incredibly easy! Here is a step by step tutorial in making your own:

You Will Need:

  • Clean hexagonal jars – As many as you want
  • Stainless steel metal sheet 
  • Four screws for mounting on wall
  • Flat neodymium magnets to fit within top of jar lids
  • Superglue
  • Labels – This is where you can get creative; Marker Pen? Post-its? Stickers? Embossing? You decide!
  • Spices

Putting it Together:

Once you have collected enough empty glass jars give them a good wash in hot soapy water, you won’t need to sterilise them as long as they are clean. For a metal sheet you can visit a hardware store and buy one yourself but you may need to round off the edges at home which will require a decent tool set (tin snips may suffice depending on the thickness of the metal). Alternatively you can purchase ready made sheets of metal on the internet that even have holes drilled in for the screws. Try Etsy or Amazon which both sell magnetic plates for this very purpose if you’d rather take the simple route. Make sure that however much metal you have there is plenty of room for adding to your spice collection in the future. 

They even look cool when empty! 

The next important step is finding the right place to put your spice rack, make sure your designated space will be out of direct sunlight so the spices maintain their freshness and quality longer. You can avoid the metal sheet altogether by using the side of your fridge but 9 times out of 10 this will be in a place where your jars will be knocked off the fridge on a semi regular basis, it also isn’t a good idea to stick them to the front of your fridge as opening and closing the door can also lead to a high chance of knocking your jars off.

I haven’t had one break from dropping it yet but better not to chance the mess! Fixing a stainless steel sheet with four screws to a spare bit of wall in the kitchen in a handy place will not only be a safer spot for your jars it will also fill up some bare wall with a bunch of pretty spices. 

It is important when searching for the right magnets to ensure they are not only flat and round to make the most use of the lid but are also very very strong as they are holding a considerable glass jar, neodymium magnets are best and will provide an amusing challenge for you trying to glue them to the centre of the magnetic lids. Make sure you give your magnets plenty of time to dry out and set and then all you need to do is fill your jars, affix the appropriate labels and your jars are finished! Simply screw on the lids and stick them onto the metal sheet and woohoo, you have a pretty new spice storage system!

The potentially endless array of colours is truly staggering.

Alternatively if you can’t wait to collect enough of our jars or don’t have the time for the DIY, the fantastic Etsy seller Beth Weisberger in the United States has done the whole thing for you, and she ships internationally! She has a wonderfully vast array of spices and gift ideas, with a great focus on sourcing local produce and being as environmentally sustainable as possible. You can check out her store here.

For more DIY and upcycling inspiration of all kinds you can visit our Pinterest Page.

~Mrs B

 Images via GneissSpice.

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